How I can help

Perhaps you are not feeling grounded or centred.

        Are you in a situation that you are unsure about?

Are things too much for you?

        Or not enough?

Do you lie awake at night stewing on things?

           Are you hurting inside?

Do you have a dream you'd like to work with?

        Are you having nightmares?

Have you ever wanted to express your deep thoughts, feelings and concerns but scared of the response?

Are you feeling lost in life’s fate, risks and hazards?

Is the state of the world affecting you?

Do you feel that you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Perhaps you feel stuck or unmotivated.

      Do you often feel unheard, invisible or as if you don’t belong?

Do you wish that you could accomplish more?

Perhaps you are a compulsive shopper, or a compulsive someone else.

Are you living a lie with an overly-caffeinated smile or a high achiever look?

Feeling unlovable?

Are any parts of you disowned?

Feeling fragmented?

Do you feel disconnected with parts of yourself?

Is there some shame hidden somewhere?

Has abuse affected you?

Is your soul hungry or nourished?

Are you having a spiritual crisis?

      Is there inter-generational trauma?

Feeling exhausted?

      Needing to grieve for the world as we knew it is changing?

Perhaps you yearn to be heard.


 In therapy you could seek to:

  • examine your own life in a safe and confidential setting. 

  • wind down your non-stop perfectionism

  • end your addictions

  • reassess your life

  • get your life back together

  • be true to yourself

  • glimpse the reality of the human soul and the depth of the spirit.

 Different from classical psychotherapy arrangements can be made to be in nature for sessions, rather than always in 'the room'..


Single session counselling

Sometimes a single session is all that may be needed be it in person locally or by phone or skype.

Regular psychotherapy sessions

Be they weekly, more  frequently or less, they can be worked to suit your needs. Clients often report that much 'work' happens between sessions. Available either  locally, by skype and  phone


As described and as  per request and as available by further discussion on a topic of mutual interest.